Frequently asked questions

Why the name Ahoworks, and what is Aho Tradition?

Ahoworks is a play on words between Japanese and English. Aho (あほ, アホ, 阿呆) in Japanese means idiot, and fool in some areas. While works in English refers to a task, or project being undertaken. i.e. Idiot/Foolish Works and Idiot/Foolish Tradition. It is a subtle mocking of modern ideals because today, tradition is widely forgotten and shunned.

Shipping and handling info

Shipping times will be dependant on whatever option you have chosen at checkout or the shipping option you are given.
Posters and apparel ship separately from other items unless otherwise specified. This is due to different warehousing locations.
-If the buyer provides the wrong address, Ahoworks is not responsible for that, and when/if the package gets returned to the sender, the shipping cost will need paying before sending it.
- If USPS or a shipping provider loses/delays a tracked package, Ahoworks is not responsible, and I recommend calling the provider.
- International letter mail is not guaranteed. There is an option at checkout to add tracking, which most commonly is protected by usps. If the post eats your shipment that is on the buyer. In such an event, It's recomended that the provider of contacted.

Currently some shipping locations have been suspended by the carrier. I hope it will open back up soon, but for more infomation on carrier service suspensions please see: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm

Do you guys accept product custom orders?

We do usually accept custom orders for various products, but currently cannot take on commissions.

Do you guys restock products?

Yes, we will restock products! There will be a subscribe option, so if you please, you can be notified when the item is restocked.

Product info

Due to the nature of textiles, vinyl, production, photo quality, etc not everything will look 100% the same. For example, patches might have a slight variation from one another, even if they are from the same batch.
The product photos are a good reference as to how the product will look, and we strive to make each patch as close to the original as possible.

Photo file size for patches and stickers has been reduced in efforts to speed up the website. Patches, but particularly stickers in this instance look cleaner and crisp in person.

If you happen recieve a product with a major blemish, don't hesitate to fill out the contact form below so we can fix the issue.

Are the packages decorated?

We most commonly stamp our logo onto the outside of the package. We will also occasionally add decorations, confetti, etc inside the package. If you don't want either of these, please leave us a note at checkout.

Ahoworks Promise

We will never willingly give any Government Organization our customers personal information.

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If you have any further questions or are looking to partner with us, please feel free to contact us.